Welcome to Mad Dukes

At the beginning it was only supposed to be a fun activity for a nice evening. Out of that fun activity grew a passion. And every type of passion is a little crazy. To be able to tell our fans in Wolfenbüttel and the surrounding region Cheers - with truly handmade Beer, that is really an amazing feeling.
Why we dared to brew ourselves? We love Beer. We also love our hometown. So why not have a Craft Beer from Wolfenbüttel? Making it from our first Brew-set, through sampling new recipes and finally to our small but nice assortment was a long and arduous path. We think, it was worth it.
Craft Beer from Wolfenbüttel - Where History meets Lifestyle. Gotthold Lessing used to live in our city. He didn't only write poetry that later became world literature, but also liked to drink a good beer from time to time. It must have been similar for the legendary Casanova who lived here, and especially for the Dukes. To them we dedicate MAD DUKES.


Three Dukes, three heads and all sorts of crazy ideas.

Marcel Hotopp

Steve Hopps

His glasses might not be as round as the Big Apple, but he values good styling. Marcel is responsible for marketing, social media, finances and customer service.


Patrice Theuring

Building Master

Patrice is our Einstein when it comes to composition and recipe. Next to new recipe ideas, he's also in charge of orders, purchases, storage and brewing.


Christian Thönebe

Mad Mill

Behind every beer there's a good Brewer. Christian also takes loving care of the raw materials, malt grinding and, so that in the end you can put our nice looking bottles onto your table, bottling.